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MotoGP World Championship is the premier class of Grand Prix racing series motorcycles. Once this class is known as the 500cc class or commonly called GP500 was the first held since 1949. With regard to the MotoGP class that we know currently beginning rooted from regulation for the 500cc class in the 2002 season, commonly referred to as well as a year of transition. 2002 season being the last period of the last two steps machine in competition premier class.

Throughout the years 2002 to 2006 for the first time the manufacturer is permitted to increase the total capacity of special machines for engine 4 cannot be a maximum 990 cc, and changed to 800 cc in 2007 season. Manufacturers also are given the freedom to choose the number of cylinders that are used between three to six with a certain weight limit. With that motor 4 great not the A6 cc, class GP500 renamed MotoGP. The entire team of manufacturer like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki each choose to compete using a four-step update.

Practically the only satellite teams still competed using a 500 cc engine and then two steps with a very saggy appearance. Since the season of 2012, capacity motorcycle engines again offered up into a maximum of 1000cc. Between the years 1949 and 2001 500cc class was the highest class in Grand Prix motorcycle. MotoGP 500cc class is the successor to the Manufacturer. Compete in this class there are actually four brands, all from Japan, namely Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. For a long time they didn’t think of this class as a reflection of the commercial market for machine streets.

In consultation with FIM, eventually it was decided to create a fourth grade is not where the machinery is limited a maximum of 990 cc. European factories such as Ducati also decided to move to this new class with a few small independent producers. In 2001, the first four MotoGP machine cannot compete along with two engines not 500cc season out on the last 500cc. First MotoGP season is complete next year. In addition, the number of races per season is extended to 18 in the summer of 2007. The only tracks that have been involved since the beginning of the Motor Racing GRAND PRIX in 1949 is the circuit of Assen in the Netherlands.

Valentino Rossi who was riding a motorcycle with a number #46, became the first world champion in this class in the summer of 2002 and repeat it in the next three seasons. Before the 2004 season, he started gambling with decided moved from Honda to Yamaha. Nicky Hayden won the title in 2006 with Honda. The following season turn Casey Stoner won with Ducati motorcycle. Other famous racers is Sete Gibernau, Marco Melandri, Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo. Marc Marquez. Netherlands racer Jurgen van den Goorbergh drove in 2002 by bringing Honda 500cc two not yet unable to compete against motor-motor four No.

He made a small comeback in 2005 in this class with a substitute Makoto Tamada the injury. In the summer of 2007 the maximum cylinder capacity was reduced to 800cc. FIM also introduced a new tire regulations requiring the team chose ban before the race began. The basic idea is to reduce the power and thus the highest speed. However, it quickly became clear that lap time still come down on one side due to advances in technology, on the other hand because a higher cornering speed from a lighter machine. Eventually, the MotoGP returns to be 1000cc engine capacity in 2012.

The debate about who the greatest Motorcycle racers of all time probably will never meet the intersection. List of racers that appear can vary depending on the criteria used. Criteria often used, among others, the number of Championships won, the victory of the series, to the great influence of the drivers in motor racing’s most prestigious event in the world. Based combined various criteria, here’s seven greatest racers in the history of live stream MotoGP (500 cc era and the modern MotoGP era), as well as the achievements of the racers in other classes such as 350cc, moto3 and moto2.

Giacomo Agostini who in terms of success, none that rival racers Italy, Giacomo Agostini. He won eight Championships in the premier class (500cc) 1966-1975. He also won the world champion title in 7th grade 350cc. the Achievements drive him as the most successful racers in the category of two-wheeled. A collection of 122 Grand Prix wins also remains the record which hard broken by other racers. So, with nicks 15 world title (8 in the 500cc and 350cc 7) ordain Agostini as the hottest MotoGP racers of all time.

Valentino Rossi actually had a chance of equalling Giacomo Agostini’s record 8 World Champion titles in the premier class. However, his dream that ran aground after he lost to compete with Yamaha’s teammate, Jorge Lorenzo, in the capture of the World Championship MotoGP season 2015. The Doctor initiated his career in motor racing by winning a World Championship title in the 125cc class and one world championship 250cc. After that he level up to the premier class and now has collected 7 World Champion titles (500cc and MotoGP). In addition have a degree, run another advantage Rossi is the ability to present an entertaining race. She also had a major influence in the motorcycle racing, has fans all over the world. Rossifumi, nicknamed Rossi fans, known to most fanatical fans than the other racers.

Michael Doohan Australia driver, namely Mick Doohan won the 500cc world title 5 consecutively in the period 1994-1998. Doohan’s success written by riding a Honda motorcycle was dominant in that era. A total of 54 registered Doohan wins the series throughout his career. He became one of the most legendary Honda racers. In addition to great in a affair of riding motor on the track, Schumacher is also known for being good at giving advice related motor Setup. If not a severe injury and does not have to undergo a fierce rivalry with great racers such as Kevin Schwantz or Wayne Rainey, Doohan may have a chance of collecting more titles.

Mike Hailwood, namely United Kingdom Kingdom, driver Mike Hailwood, also known as Mike The Bike. He is the best rider who dominated British motor racing during the active since 1958 until 1967. He won 4 World Championship in the 500cc class, two in the 350cc class, three in the 250cc class, and its Total Hailwood collected nine World Championships in three different classes. He has also tried his Formula 1 before the age of 40 years died in a car accident. Racing driver John Surtees United Kingdom Kingdom who also dominated motorcycle racing in the same era with Mike Hailwood was John Surtees. He collected 4 500cc World Championship title and also won the 350cc world champion title 3. In Total, he collected 7 World Champion titles.

The emergence of the name Marc Marquez in this list may be a bit surprising. However, nicknamed the Baby Alien racers that have provided a major influence in MotoGP. Since plunging professionally in motor racing event in 2010, Marquez managed to become Moto2 world champion (2010) and the Moto2 (2012), as well as back to back the MotoGP World title in 2013 and 2014. The MotoGP World title successfully reached on his debut season in the most prestigious part of it. Marquez is the youngest racers throughout the history of the premier class world champion twice in quick succession, at the age of 21 years, 237 days. This entry passed through successful Mike Hailwood who did it in 1963 at the age of 23 years 152 days.