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League of English is one of the most popular Live Football League in the world. English League competition also became the oldest League in the Football League than any other country, as already started in 1888. Currently the main caste in English competition is the Premier League, a new League format which started in 1992. Previously the top competition in the English called the Football League First Division or Premier Division. Surely any English League competition has a long history of the start of the era of the early 19th century, and then entered the era of World War II until toward an era of more modern Premier League. The following is the history of the English from the early League stands up to now.

English League history in the 19th century it was a sport which first claimed found in English. In the 19th century, the society English there have been many who play ball. English began to develop the football toward a more popular sport. The first football club was Sheffield FC founded in 1857, which became the world’s oldest Club. Since then, many other football clubs who stand in the English. The rules of football began to equated so that the created rule of football which is used everywhere. In 1863 The Football Association or the standing of the FA, which is the main Football Federation in the English.

After that the first ever FA Cup competition was held in 1871, becoming the oldest tournament in the world which is still active to this day. Any English national team was formed and the first international match between English against Scotland took place in the year 1870. Initially only played football at amateur level only. Professional football was banned in the English the time so no Club or professional players as of now. This had triggered the pros and cons. New in the year 185, professional football began to be allowed by the FA. It then encourages the creation of a new league competition overshadowing the English League clubs.

In the era of the 60s and drinks, Wolverhampton Wanderers became one of the most successful Club of the English. Wolves Club beat several times in other European countries in a friendly match. This became the beginning of the formation of the competition the European Cup or Champions League that bring together the clubs from European countries. The League English first participated in European competitions, namely the European Cup began the season 1956-57 represented by Manchester United. At the end of the Munich Tragedy occurred, drinks, namely crash plane carrying the Manchester United squad at the time. In the year 1963, Tottenham became the first champion of the English clubs in European competition, i.e. the Winners Cup.

English clubs success rub off on a successful national team squad won the World Cup in the year 1966 by beating West Germany in the final. The period of the late 70s and early 80s became the golden age Club of the English in Europe, where Liverpool (4 times), Nottingham Forest (twice) and Aston Villa (1) became the champion of the Champions League. In the year 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster occurred in which the manner of Liverpool fans led to the deaths of 39 Juventus supporters when the two met in the final of the Champions League. As a result the English clubs then forbidden to compete in European level for 5 years. This is also compounded by the onset of the tragedy of Hillsborough in 1989. This makes the English League competition be decreased so that a lot of players who moved on to clubs in other leagues.

The end of the 1980s did indeed become the point that setback for English. Various problems ranging from violent supporters, stadium facilities are less worthy, punishment from UEFA for the English as well as the large number of the best players the League who moved to English clubs abroad into the cause. Any English League authorities first settled. Rules about stadium ever applied. Many are also the English clubs into a business so have a substantial financial gain for the operation of the Club.

Era Premier League appears in the end of the season 1991-92, submitted a proposal to create a new League that would bring in more money advantage. On July 17, 1991, The Founder Members Agremenet approved to form a new league called the FA Premier League. Premier League get big financial gains from Sky TV Sports broadcasting rights and other sponsorship. While the Football League consisting of 4 Division (First Division, Second Division, Third Division, Fourth Division) was under the caste of Premier League. Promotion-relegation system still applied in each Division. Season 1992-93 became the first Premier League season followed by 22 clubs, where Manchester United went out as a champion.

In the list of all-time English League champions, Manchester United also became the clubs most champions. Up to now, more than 40 participating clubs in the Premier League. Only six clubs that had been the champion in the Premier League era, namely Manchester United, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester City. In the era of 2000an, there is also the term Big Four consisting of 4 clubs that have always dominated the big 4 league table positions of the English. Now, English League or Premier League evolved into the most popular League in the world and became the most watched League in the world. With broadcasting rights and a very big advantage, much of the English clubs Club dominated the list of the richest clubs in the world.